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Inspiration Ministries INC is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.

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Inspiration is committed to communicating effectively with those who may have 1) questions about the ministry and 2) interest in participating in this effort to minister to the community. What we have noticed thus far is that God has changed our definition of community. Really, His definition never changed, but we often interpret it as we like. The Lord Jesus Christ commissioned us to Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you (Matthew 28:19-20a). We take the ALL serious.

In the Lord's vision for this ministry, He did not decipher between those tha tare saved and unsaved, free or imprisoned, sheltered orhomeless; no, He made it clear that our commission i sto serve them all. Everyday people are waking up with a need; some are spiritual and some are physical. As a faith community, is it not our responsibility to meet that need? Inspiration believes the answer is YES! 

Inspiration Ministries was inspired from the depths of prison, realizing that despite being enemies of Christ Jesus, He still chose to die for us while we were still sinners (Romans 5:8). That salvation has been made available to the world. We, as Ambassadors for Christ, desire to display that same faith, hope, love, mercy, and grace to those we have the opportunity to minister.

What began with a vision and revival in prison, spilled into life on the streets with the same vision and no money. Then, from a vision and tear-filled nights praying in a trailer, God opened the door for Inspiration to be incorporated. And now 16 months later, Inspiration Ministries INC is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. This enables financial and material donations to be tax-deductible. Inspiration takes great pride in its communication on how your donations make a difference in the ministry, in the lives of others, and in the Kingdom.

We pray this Inspiration Insider informs you of the activities going on and how you can join in the effort being made to minister to our community. We have a responsibility as a community and as the body of Christ. The truth is that none of us are equipped to do it all; that is why God gave us to each other. Our mission statement says it best: Unifying the body of Christ in order to most glorify God and inspire others to accept the saving and satisfying love of Jesus Christ. As a Christian Community, we can either choose to do our own thing with various levels of success or we can make an effort to unify people and resources to be most effective in ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us be inspired by Christ Himself, for He was always gathering those who could be unified to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. Let us follow His example.


Please click the Donate button below to donate via Paypal. Or you can send a cash or check donation to 138 East 7th Street, Auburn IN 46706. 

*By donating, you acknowledge that you did not receive any goods or services in exchange for your donation.


  • wilson gonzalez"We have found the opportunity through Inspiration Ministries to express not just our feelings but also the words that the Holy Spirit puts in our hearts to share with others. I see I.M. as a channel of communication between the more
    Wilson Gonzalez
  • james rogers jr"When I met Anthony Ponds, James Summers, and Rigdel De Lardilles back in 2011, I heard a lot about Brother Andrew Foster, and the Inspiration Ministries movement here at Quincy. But not only did I hear about him and ministry more
    James Rogers
  • robert miller"A year ago my world was shifted. I was discouraged, alone, and in need of something/someone to embrace me. It would be pious to say, “All I needed was the assurance that the Lord was with me,” because reality is sometimes you don’t feel that more
    Robert Miller
  • david owen"The newsletter is an integral part of my daily spiritual walk in prison. I don’t say that lightly and here’s why: “For I know the thoughts I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV). The newsletter is primarily written by prisoners and ex-prisoners for more
    David Owen
  • rigdel de lardilles 01"In one word, the Inspiration Newsletter to me means Hope. If anyone has ever done time behind the walls or been down and out, you can relate; there is always someone there to let you know just how bad you messed up, or how impossible it's going to be to bounce more
    Rigdel De Lardilles
  • christopher bachmann"The newsletter means so very much to me because it has been and continues to be a great source of encouragement and inspiration to me. I am so thankful to Brother Andy for his faith in following God’s vision. In turn, he gave it to more
    Christopher Bachmann