December, Issue 6

2016: Inspiration for Her Volume 1

“… and you shall call his name Jes us. He will be great and will be called the “… and you shall call his name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. And the Lord God will give to him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1:31-33


December, Issue 6

Letter from the Editor

A couple years ago around this time I heard a song on the radio, and I remembered it from when I was a kid. Apparently, it was released in 1997… So only 19 years ago… It is called “Welcome to Our World” by Chris Rice. I’ve put the lyrics down below.

Tears are falling, hearts are breaking / How we need to hear from God / You've been promised, we've been waiting / Welcome Holy Child  

Hope that You don't mind our manger / How I wish we could have known /  But long-awaited Holy Stranger / Make Yourself at home  

Bring Your peace into our violence / Bid our hungry souls be filled /  Word now breaking Heaven's silence / Welcome to our world  

Fragile finger sent to heal us / Tender brow prepared for thorn /  Tiny heart whose blood will save us / Unto us is born  

When I was younger, I’m not sure that I really listened to the words as much as just the melody, and somehow, it wasn’t until probably 15 years later that I heard the song at a time that it could really resonate with me. But as I sat in my car, carefully listening to each word being sung, it hit me. That even as a newborn baby, Jesus Christ was being shown how terrible of a world He would be living in, and eventually saving. That even as a newborn baby, He was having the weight and sin of the world placed on His tiny little shoulders. That even as a newborn baby, He was being called to something greater than Himself, something greater than anyone else on earth. He had an immense burden to carry, yet was unable to even care for His own basic needs – being clothed, fed, carried, held. I can’t imagine being so young and having such a huge responsibility. Shoot, I’m 24 years old, mother of one (soon to be two), married to the director of a growing ministry, and still have a hard time accepting my own responsibilities sometimes!  

And I’m not just talking about my “earthly” responsibilities of motherhood, marriage, business owning, etc., but my “spiritual” responsibilities also! My responsibility to share the love of Christ and the good news of the Gospel with others; to aid those in need of a hand; to be a listening ear and a strong shoulder for someone going through a hard time; to spend time in the Word of God, and being open to the moving of the Holy Spirit. I have the responsibility to forgive others, even when they continue to hurt me or my family, or when they don’t understand the concept of forgiveness or transformation. I have the responsibility to submit my life and will to Christ’s care and control on a daily basis, and even a momentary one. None of these responsibilities come naturally for me, but they are responsibilities that are for my own good. And these responsibilities remind me that they are nothing compared to the responsibility Christ had in living a perfect, sinless life, not void of trials or temptations, performing miracles, enduring scrutiny and persecution, all to be humiliated and murdered. All for a sinner like me. And He did it willingly. If that doesn’t bring joy to the day of His birth, I’m not sure what would! Personally, I think He is a little crazy – probably gets it from His Dad. But I’ve never been more thankful to have a crazy Person in my life, and on my side. Someone who cares about me more deeply than I care for myself. Someone who knows me better than I know myself. Someone willing to look past my sin, mistakes, and shortcomings, and see who I’ve been created to be – someone worth sacrificing for; someone worth loving; someone worth forgiving.

I was just rereading the letter I wrote in October, and when I got to the part where I said “He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on a cross, so His blood could make YOU white as freshly-fallen snow,” I couldn’t help but think about all the times I’ve complained about the snow we get in Indiana. In fact, just a week or so again, we saw our first flurries of the season, and I was dreading it. Mostly because it means it’s getting cold, cold enough to snow, and I just don’t love cold weather. Not to mention, I slipped on ice while carrying Lilly out to the car one night last year, and ice is inevitable when it’s cold enough to snow! I had a sore elbow for about a week, but overall, we were both okay, thank You, Jesus. But if I didn’t have to be put in that position again, especially being pregnant again this winter, I’d be perfectly fine with that!

Anyways… I say all that to say, rather than being upset about all the cold, slippery stuff, I should be rejoicing in the fact that the blood of Christ has made me as white as that freshly-falling snow. And I am as unique as every snow flake that hits the ground. YOU are as unique as every snow flake that hits the ground. And YOU are made white as that freshly-fallen snow the moment you believe and ask Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life. And what better time to make that decision than during the season of His birth?

I can only imagine the feelings you ladies have while being locked up during the holidays, many of you unable to see any friends or loved ones. And for that my heart truly breaks. But, I want to remind you that even though you may feel physically alone, know that we in Auburn, Indiana, are thinking about and praying for you often, especially during this time. More importantly, you are surrounded by other women going through and feeling the same things you are – so reach out to someone! Give them a hug. Share a meal with them. Bless them with a kind or encouraging word. “Treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Most importantly, God didn’t send His only Son to die on a cross for you, just to leave you feeling abandoned and alone. So turn to Him! Thank Him for the things you have, the people you have, and the time you have. Because you’ve been given them for a reason! YOU have been given a reason. A reason to live, to love, and to have hope. Hold on to that Hope when all else seems gone. Most importantly, God didn’t send His only Son to die on a cross for you, just to leave you feeling abandoned and alone. So turn to Him! Thank Him for the things you have, the people you have, and the time you have. Because you’ve been given them for a reason! YOU have been given a reason. A reason to live, to love, and to have hope. Hold on to that Hope when all else seems gone.  

Looking to Christ this Christmas and beyond,

Kirsten Foster  

Inspiration Ministries

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