August, Issue 7

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August, Issue 7

Letter from the Editor

On behalf of all of us with Inspiration Ministries and The Cupbearer Café, we want to say thank you for remembering us in your prayers. We know the prayer of the righteous avail much, and we are blessed to be walking daily in an answered prayer. It’s only by the grace of God that we are able to call ourselves children of God, having the honor to pursue after the high calling in Christ Jesus.

   During devotions this morning I was inspired by the Apostle Paul’s encouragement to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. It is so easy to confuse the will of God because we usually tie it into a “Does God want me to do this or that?” idea. However, Paul gives us a few important identifiers to whether we are walking “in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects.” He makes it clear that “bearing fruit in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of God, and giving thanks to the Father” are essential ingredients to understanding the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God (Col. 1:9-12).

   I challenge you today, regardless of what side of the wall you are on, to understand that the will of God is not as mysterious as we often make it. Our strength, inspiration, and satisfaction are always going to rely on our Lord Jesus Christ. He commanded us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. That command is about being more than it is doing. The more we love Him, the more we increase in our knowledge of Him.

   My prayer is that I can concentrate on being a man of God and not just doing things that I believe a man of God should be doing. Join me in this effort to love God with your whole heart, so that you may live a life that displays the love of Christ, a love that never fails. It is then that we will experience the fullness of what God has planned for our lives.

Reunion with a Familiar face

We recentlyhad an exciting week with a familiar face. If you‘ve read the first newsletters, you’ve seen the name Kimberly Neely. Kim has been with Inspiration since its beginning. In fact, Kim worked for the prison where the Lord started unfolding this ministry. Inspiration was meeting every week and she would attend. What started as just praying for her resulted in her participation in the development of

the ministry, “I had never seen men so on fire for Christ not only wanting to change their lives, but make difference in the lives of others.

   It seems like so long ago, but since that time, God has built this ministry as promised. Kim retired from DOC soon after that and followed the calling God put on her life to go to nursing school. She will be graduating in February, and we are excited to see how the Lord uses her to reach people in the name of Jesus Christ. To look back at God did on that compound still fills my heart with such joy. The best part is that the foundation laid at Quincy Annex is still being built upon by our Ambassadors for Christ in Chains, who are committed to spreading the gospel. We are so proud to be fellow workers in the cause for Christ with brothers and sisters who realize that our love for others is perfected when our goal is reaching them with the news of salvation found only in Jesus Christ.  

Indroducing Vulnerability Ministries

   In ministry, when you explain your vision to people, they usually have somebody with whom you should meet. The idea is to share your vision for the ministry and pray about whether God is intending for us to work together to achieve a common goal. Inspiration’s vision centers around the idea of unifying the efforts of our community’s churches and people to most effectively minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes that unification can be difficult. Some ideas, visions, or personalities don’t work well together. Sometimes the idea of working with people is too messy. Inspiration’s involvement with vulnerable people can be a bit much to take when we are trying to minister to the community as a whole, which includes our incarcerated men and women or victims of abuse, which involves a lot of tears and Kleenex.

   So, imagine my surprise when I meet Clara Boggs, author, life coach, and director of Vulnerability Ministries, with her testimony of rape, rebuilding, refocus, and now ministry to women of all ages. Out of a mess God called Carla into full-time ministry, and has given her a message the Holy Spirit has been using to transform lives. Carla knows she is vulnerable and the work she does is messy, so who better to join with in ministry than me, a set-free ex-con who loves Jesus, in the effort to reach broken souls with the love of Christ.

   Carla and I have a lot in common. We feel called into full-time ministry, we are broke, but we are rich in Christ. Hallelujah! It’s a good team, and that is why I am thrilled to have The Cupbearer Café be a place where Inspiration and Vulnerability can join together in the effort to be obedient to the call of God. Look for more from Carla in the coming months and enjoy getting to know her.

   Praise God for a place of ministry that includes men’s and women’s groups, live worship music, life coaching, and a Christ-centered atmosphere. Please continue to pray as we set our sights on God’s desire for this ministry.

We’re in this together!

Be inspired,

Andrew L. Foster

Inspiration Ministries INC, Director

The Cupbearer Café, Owner 

Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Editor, by Andrew Foster                                       
  • Being Vulnerable, by Carla Boggs                                            
  • If Only, by Abby Carnahan                                      
  • Character is Constructed, by Dan Evans                                               
  • Chain Gang Mentality, by James Summers
  • Do as I do, not just what I say! by Lowell Davis
  • The Crime that is Unforgivable, by John Kuhle
  • Lord, Lord? by Rigdel De Lardilles
  • The Desire of His Heart, by Christopher Bachmann
  • Restoration, by Don Chaffin

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