March, Issue 2

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March, Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

I pray the love of Jesus Christ be full in your heart as you experience the grace and mercy of our Heavenly Father. May the peace that surpasses all understanding surrounds you when you need it most, and that the hope of eternal life inspires you to new heights in your walk with Jesus Christ.

It brings tears of joy to think about all God has done to make this ministry and newsletter possible.  We often can decipher the Lord’s will by the fruition of the ideas and plans He gives us. When this newsletter began in January, the ideas were solid and the Holy Spirit was leading, but we had no computer, printer, paper, or postage.  In fact the laptop I had was fried and hadn’t worked in five years.  Some of our staff members were talking and praying for weeks wondering how this was going to be accomplished, but we never doubted because this was God’s idea and His ministry.  With just a couple weeks left in January, the scene quickly changed, and the Lord made a way. 

Within days, my neighbor took out the hard drive and memory chip from my fried laptop and gave me a rebuilt laptop for free.  Answer to prayer #1. 

So, I started writing and formatting the newsletter. Paul Charron and Kimberly Neely were writing, and the Ambassadors for Christ in Chains were hard at work, but we were on a deadline. With February fast approaching, the writers started sending me their rough drafts.  Answer to prayer #2.

The newsletter was finished, and it was amazing to see how God put every inch of it together. The writing was inspiring and sincere, and now all we needed was to send them out.  Problem was we did not know where we were going to make the copies or how to pay for postage. That same week I met with my Godmother, Paula Conrad, a devoted woman of God with a desire to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ, and showed her the newsletter.  She was so thrilled with the outcome.  Then she walked to her purse and asked me to whom she should write the check.  Answer to prayer #3.

That same day, we were able to buy materials for sending the newsletters and postage. Amazingly, I received a letter that day with 50 more stamps from my sister in Christ, Kimberly.  Answer to prayer #4.

The last step was actually making the copies and all the stores wanted $400-$500 for copies, folding, and stapling.  Yikes!! We could not afford that.  I figured we could do the stapling, folding, and taping ourselves, so we needed copies.  Of course, God had it figured out the whole time.  I set up a meeting with Pastor Steve Ardhuerumly at my home church, Heritage Community Church in Auburn, Indiana.  He loved the newsletter, and was inspired by the effort being made to reach the community and into the prisons.  We talked about future collaboration, and the meeting ended with the offer to make the copies at the church for free.  Hallelujah! Answer to prayer #5.

Inspiration is now back, and we are excited about another opportunity to glorify God and express our love to you in the name of Jesus Christ.  God has been faithful to His word in building this ministry, and He has done just that.  Many who have read February’s newsletter have been inspired to get involved in the effort to spread the Gospel to those who need to know about Jesus.  From Indiana to Florida, the response has been overwhelming and we are excited about new opportunities in the coming months. 

Something awesome I get to experience in ministry is meeting so many people who are looking to be a part of helping others and sharing the love of Christ.  There are food pantries, shelters, halfway houses, and churches all across the country willing to help those in need.  One thing I pray Inspiration Ministries can do is connect with a lot of these organizations and people, so we can most effectively minister to others.

I remember being in prison and thinking that things could not get much worse. It is easy to think that being free is the answer to all life’s questions, but now that I am out I am around men and women losing their jobs, dying of cancer, battling dementia, and balancing careers and parenthood. People are in need and are hurting in the free world also. Inspiration is committed to helping those in need, but most importantly sharing the precious gift of salvation with them.  God certainly cares about our circumstances in this world, but He desires that we are rich in spirit through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ.

The truth is you only need to read the testimonies and articles from our Ambassadors for Christ in chains to feel the tug of the Holy Spirit.  I am sure you feel that same pull as I do when we raise our hands in worship to the Lord.  There is a love so satisfying which God offers through His Son, Jesus Christ that we must tell somebody about it because without it we know there is no hope.

Inspiration Ministries is interested in communicating with those who are looking to join the effort in reaching a fallen and lost world.  We currently have teams in Indiana and Florida trying to gather as much information available to best develop programs to meet the needs of our communities.  This is involves education, music, shelter ministries, addiction recovery, and counseling. 

We are truly in this together, and we pray you will be inspired to contact us and join the effort.  God is building this ministry step by step, and we are honored to be involved.  Three years ago on an April morning at Quincy Annex Correctional Institution God told me to trust Him for this ministry, and that is exactly what we are going to do.  Hallelujah!

Stay Inspired,

Andrew Foster


Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Editor, by Andrew Foster
  • This is my Body, by Kenneth Thurman
  • My Story: Less than a Year, by Rigdel De Lardilles
  • God in the Box, by Robert Waterhouse
  • Once Lost, but Now Found, by James Summers

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