October, Issue 10

2013: Volume 2 “Finally, be strong in the Lord and the strength of His might.” Ephesians 6:10 Download

October, Issue 10

Letter from the Editor

The Good News is confrontation, right? It is challenging, correct? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not always accepted, a lot of times right where we live. The ache in my bones is for those who have made a decision to be bondservants of Jesus and Ambassadors of Christ (in Chains or not). Last night at Inspiration Fellowship, a friend of mine, Nate Harmon, shared his testimony about God revealing His unconditional love for him, while in prison. Nate is now experiencing life on the streets again and seeing how important it is for us to allow the Lord to show His love to the world, so walls we have allowed the world to build between us will be destroyed.

The Lord reminded me recently how important it is for our lives, the life of Christ, to challenge folks around us. We do not have to challenge people with eloquent speech or crowd rousing ability, but by allowing the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be our witness. When the Word talks of the “name” it refers to the power of God. You know the song, “There is something about the name, Jesus.” Everyday we have the opportunity to be a living testimony of the power of God to transform a life in the name of Jesus. Who is your witness glorifying?

I am praying that the Lord will inspire you to the point of urgency because it is so important that we make the best of our opportunities to share the love of Christ with others. This urgency for me was recently inspired as Inspiration continues to connect with prisons around the country. Brethren, take heed that most of the facilities around the country are eliminating chaplains, chaplaincy departments, and religious services. As prisons respond and allow us to send newsletters, it seems that the amount pales in comparison to the number of inmates. That tells me that fewer men and women are going through those chapel doors. Similarly, congregations out here are decreasing and we cannot rely solely on Sunday services or our pastors to communicate the Gospel message. We must take up our cross and Sword and begin to minister to the masses. We must be willing and available in our dorms, work places, gas stations, chow halls, recreation fields, and gyms. We must open up our homes, bunks, backyards, and dayrooms for study, worship, and prayer.

Nate asked the question last night, “When was the last time we ate dinner with a sinner?” What’s your answer? Are you ready to wreck somebody’s world with the love the Lord has given you to share? We are in this together, Saints. May your life be filled with grace, peace, and boldness in your spirit. Hallelujah!

Mutually Inspired,

Andrew L. Foster                                   

Inspiration Ministries INC, Director

The Cupbearer Café, Owner 

Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Editor, by Andrew Foster                                                 
  • How Genuine are You? by Dan Evans                                                       
  • What Inspiration means to Me… by Ambassadors for Christ in Chains                 
  • So I’m Different, by Robert Miller                                                    
  • Living in Hope & The Church, by Don Chaffin                       
  • Show Me the Way & Play Your Part, by Wesley Fullard
  • Re-Gifting, by David Owen
  • In the Midst of Stormy Seas, by Rigdel De Lardilles
  • Point of Resistence, by Anthony Ponds
  • We Know God through His Word, by John Kuhle

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