February, Issue 2

2015: Volume 4

For I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be established; that is, that I may be encouraged together with you
while among you, each of us by the others faith, both yours and mine. Romans 1:11-12


February, Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

Greetings from the IM headquarters here in Auburn, Indiana. It is blessing to be publishing our 37th newsletter. Wow! Three full years of newsletters have been sent out, and what an amazing thing God has done to connect us with thousands of brothers and sisters around the country. I pray that you are encouraged today knowing that there is a team on your side; it’s the Army of God for those who have come to know Jesus Christ in an intimate and saving relationship. This is our prayer for each one of you reading this newsletter.

When does the time come when we fully submit our lives to the Lord, our agendas and expectations, to comprehend the direction Jesus wants to lead us? I know that I can struggle in that department sometimes because of my taskoriented mentality. Ask the ole boys from Quincy Annex when IM got its start. I am a list-maker and delegator. I even used to direct a lot of theater, so God has made me an expert at casting people into roles. But what I’ve realized is that God allows interruptions in our lives to shape us and prepare us for His agenda.

Last night during our Thursday service, Inspiration Fellowship, right after I got done praying for the food, my phone rang. “Hey, Andy, I am ten minutes away and I have this guy that just got out of prison and needs help.” I was one bite into my sloppy joes, and it was getting close to worship when my buddy brings this guy in the door looking scared out of his mind. This was not exactly on my agenda as we were spending an evening with a local partner church. But it is in those times the Lord reminds me that this is why He has built Inspiration Ministries and placed us right here in downtown Auburn. We are to be prepared in every season to care for those in need, not just when it is convenient. Dennis and I shared the Gospel with this gentlemen, packed up some food, and Dennis volunteered to drive him to the Rescue Mission. There were no tear-filled Hallelujah moments, but while we prayed for him, we made it clear that regardless of his belief in God, the Lord loves him dearly and has a new direction to take his life if he is willing.

So, a little over one month down this year and much more to come. Allow the Holy Spirit to refresh you, Brethren, in our commissioned Kingdom effort. Our little LillyAnn will be here soon to join the team, so make sure you pray for Kirsten and I as we prepare to be parents. May the Lord bless you in your effort to be a beacon of light pointing to Jesus in a dark place! Hallelujah! Inspired to be like Jesus,

Andrew L. Foster
Inspiration Ministries, Director

Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Director by Andrew Foster
  • A Message to the Ladies by Kirsten Foster
  • Who We Are by Don Chaffin
  • Be a Mountain Taker by Dan Evans
  • Minstrel Minister Across America by Greg Lamoureux
  • Why Study the Bible by John Kuhle
  • How Then Should we Live by Ray Carlton
  • My New First Love by Paul Fetrow
  • Christ Still Lives by Leonard Rera
  • The Wilderness, the Final Chapter by Dr. Chris Bachmann

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