November, Issue 6

2016: Inspired by Him Volume 5

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your f reedom as an opportunity for the flesh, bit through lo ve serve one another. Galatians 5:1 3


November, Issue 6

Letter from the Editor

I am not often speechless. It is not that I don’t have the words, I never really lack for things to say, it’s just that I want the things that are coming out of my mouth to have meaning. I want my thoughts and utterings to be glorifying the name of Jesus Christ. I am confident that I am in love with my Savior, Jesus, as much if not more than ever; at the same time, more overwhelmed than ever with the Kingdom-work in which God has commissioned us.  

What a crazy season! And really, since January 1st, we have hit the ground running and haven’t stopped yet. In all the awesomeness that God is doing, we submit to the fact that what He is doing with Inspiration Ministries and even Kirsten and I, is definitely in spite of the fact that we are learning to be Kingdom leaders and humble ourselves so that this ministry is always HIS ministry. We often feel inadequate because ministry is so daunting and it is at such a high cost. We literally live a life where our reputations are on the line every day. People threaten to picket the ministry or post signs because the world doesn’t believe that felons, ex-cons, sex offenders, or murders deserve a second chance. And the reality is that they are right. We don’t! We don’t deserve anything except death because the wages of sin is exactly that, death. But we are on the front lines telling people that God afforded an opportunity for everyone to be redeemed by sacrificing His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. We are in a spiritual battle.  

A couple days ago, a new guy named Chad walked into our lives. He was sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready for a change. He had read the newsletter in jail and asked why the testimonies in the newsletter were so meaningful. He was trying to understand why his story seemed so different then the stories men are writing about behind the walls. I got to share with Chad what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, to know that God sacrificed His own Son so that he can have eternal life and an exchanged life today. He had never heard that before and right there in the café, Chad asked Jesus to be not only His Savior, but also his Lord. Hallelujah!  

I appreciate the letters that have been encouraging and lifting up my family and me in prayer. If it wasn’t for Jesus and the encouragement from those people that love us, I would have stopped all this a long time ago, BUT GOD…remember that phrase, BUT GOD is our sustainer. When a neighbor yells at me or somebody tries to tear down the ministry on Facebook, we recognize that it is the spirit of Satan. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.  

We have never experienced a year like we have had. We have been blessed to serve many people. We have never been more steadfast about our love for Jesus. There are barely days that go by and rarely a week where we don’t receive phone calls from the families of people that are in the need of care from the Lord and Inspiration Ministries. That is where that daunting part comes in. We don’t have some hamster wheel we thrust people into. We invest our time and energy into these folks to see them transformed by Jesus Christ. There is much work to be done, but never enough hours in the day and never enough hands. Our only qualification is that by the grace of God He has transformed or lives, and He has chosen to make us His ambassadors. Unbelievable!  

Continue to pray for Inspiration Ministries. Pray for Angie, a single mom with three kids; Ashley, overcoming addiction; Joey & Jolene, a family in need; Ryan, starting his life over; Chad; just receiving Christ; Mike, joining us after 10 years in prison; Tyler, enjoying over six months of successful transition; Chad, trying to beat meth; Nick, passing the month mark of being out; and the list goes on. These are people we have chosen to walk through life with, so they may come to know the love of Jesus Christ.  

We are also celebrating because on October 20th we kicked off the beginning of Celebrate Recovery. We’ve seen 150 folks come under this roof the last two weeks to see or support CR in downtown Auburn. The program is a funnel to lead people to Jesus. As we broke into small groups, it was incredible to see men and women be transparent about their hurts, habits, and hang-ups and their desire to allow Jesus to help them become overcomers. Celebrate Recovery is now our Thursday night ministry. We are anticipating the Lord bringing those who are desperate for change and transformation.  

And just in case we haven’t communicated about the Freedom Fest from August 20th, we trusted the Lord for $5,000, and He blessed us with $7,000. What an incredible day; even with some scattered showers, people hung with us through the day, worshipping and hearing testimony about revival and transformation going on in prisons around the country. We were able to sponsor over 50 prisons to receive the Inspiration Newsletter for an entire year. Praise the Lord! Many men and women that receive this newsletter shared their testimonies for the crowd, and we are so thankful for your kind and encouraging words. They truly made an impact. Former inmate and recipient of the newsletter, Tyler Morris, blessed us with a testimony that tugged on people’s heart to understand that God is all about transformed lives and using those lives for His Kingdom.  

I recently emceed a pastor appreciation dinner, and I want to echo some words that I spoke to them. You are in an incredible spot. Hard for sure, but rich with opportunity to tell others about Jesus. To share the Gospel as the solution to their desperation. So, let me say this, the men that you lead or are in relationship with may not remember your Bible studies or sermons, but they will forever remember these few things: 1) The way that you care. 2) The way that you are in the trenches with them. 3) The way that you value them…their experience, their ministry, their vision. You are truly Ambassadors for Christ! Live inspired by Jesus as if your life and the lives around you depend on it because they do! We are in this together. We love you and Jesus loves you.

Be inspired by Jesus,  

Andrew L. Foster  

Inspiration Ministries, Director & Founder

Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Director by Andrew Foster
  • Various Poetry by Don Chaffin
  • Life Without Condemnation by Dan Evans
  • The Ministry of the Son of God by John Kuhle
  • One Call Away by Leonard Rera
  • I Stand by the Door by Sam Shoemaker
  • Continual Worship by David McClain

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