September, Issue 5

2016: Inspired by Him Volume 5

Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom .” Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you wil l be with me in paradise.” Luke 23:42,4 3


September, Issue 5

Letter from the Editor

God is good! What a crazy, awesome, and busy summer it has been. God has used this summer to refine us as men and women of God engaged in full-time ministry while using the many events we have been a part of to infuse Inspiration Ministries with funds right when they were needed. Serving the community effectively and stewarding this amazing building the Lord has given us takes a lot of time and money, but the great thing about this call to ministry, it’s HIS stuff. He has made provision for this ministry because it was HIS idea. Believe me, I would love to take credit for writing down the phrase “INSPIRATION MINISTRIES INC” on a piece of paper nine years ago in that Palm Beach County jail, but I know that it was the Holy Spirit shedding light on what was to come for my life and the lives of many others who have served alongside us or have been served these past five years. And, for those reading this newsletter, you have been a part of something that has been amazing to experience since I hit the prison gates on my way out almost five years ago.  

On a personal level, what a journey in this relationship with Jesus it has been as every turn has brought new, exciting, and sometimes excruciating challenges. From being a single man trying to be led by the Holy Spirit to develop this ministry, to God doing abundantly more than I could have ever asked, to getting married to my wonderful wife, Kirsten, to now being a father to our incredible little girl, Lilly. Plus, baby #2 will be here in February. Hallelujah!  

I say that to say this…Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, is not done writing your story yet, Brothers and Sisters. Though it may seem that you are stuck in this chapter of life, the promises of God say that an end to this chapter is coming, and the next one is ready to be written. That chapter has the opportunity to be bursting with victories, answers, real relationships, love, transformation, and satisfaction. And here you and I are, in the same circumstance that people have been facing for a couple thousand years, the chance to choose life by laying ours down to the One who has the power to resurrect, restore, and recover…Jesus Christ. Remember as we examine the three crosses on Calvary, one man made a decision to believe in the power of Jesus to save and one didn’t. Many in Jesus’ day walked away from the possibility of being persecuted for their faith because they cared more about immediate results than they did eternal consequences. Choose this day whom you will serve because there is plenty of regret to leave behind in yesterday, but there is unlimited Hope in tomorrow.  

Be in prayer for Inspiration Ministries as we continue to penetrate this community and prisons around the country with the hope and salvation of Jesus Christ. Yes, the fields are plentiful, and yes, the laborers are few. However, today is the day of salvation, so let’s keep walking in the Spirit. A few things to keep on your radar as you gather with others to pray, Inspiration will be hosting an outreach to the carnival workers on Sunday, September 25th in preparation for the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair.  In years past, we have served dinner and shared the Gospel with about 120 men and women. God has been so good to stir people’s heart to receive Jesus Christ as Savior for the first time. We are adding a few more elements this year, while praying for more volunteers to participate in the praying and evangelism.  The more time we get to spend one on one, the more opportunity there will be to build relationships to pave the way for the Gospel. Then the Cupbearer Café will be a part of the fair whipping up mochas, smoothies, and ice cream for the tens of thousands that attend the fair.  

Soon after that, Inspiration Ministries, in a collaborative effort with several churches around the community, will be launching Celebrate Recovery. Leaders have been training for the last six months, and we are poised for CR to be a part of the fabric of recovery in DeKalb County by making it clear that Jesus Christ is the only Higher Power, and that in Him there is power to be healed and set free.  

And lastly, be praying for men and women being released from prison in the coming weeks and months, that their minds will be transformed and that they are willing to let Jesus take the lead. Just like Jeremy, who got out of jail yesterday, said to me today, “I gotta do something different. I have done AA, meetings, and cold turkey. Nothing has worked, and I have a family to care for. When does Celebrate Recovery start?” Jeremy, the answer is Jesus!  

You all mean so much to us, and I want you to know that we are so blessed by your letters, testimonies, and willingness to surrender to Jesus. Don’t ever forget: we are in this together. Jesus loves you, and we love you.

Be inspired by Jesus,  

Andrew L. Foster  

Inspiration Ministries, Director & Founder

Newsletter Features

  • Letter from the Director by Andrew Foster
  • Various Poetry by Don Chaffin
  • Minstrel Minister Across America by Greg Lamoureux
  • R.E.A.L by Errol Mumby
  • Time of Refreshing by Dr. Chris Bachmann
  • From My Heart to Yours by Anthony Ponds
  • Inspired by Inspiration by Boys in Blue
  • My Miracle by Anonymous
  • The World is Chris Shuler
  • His Thrones Surround by Ray Carlton

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