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  • October Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 10

    October Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 10

    It has been an incredible close to the summer/outdoor season for Inspiration Ministries. Since the last newsletter, we were blessed to tackle a Seventh Day Slumber concert, the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair, an outreach to the fair employees, and this week there has been a week-long revival service at the Ashley Church of God in which I have been the speaker. God’s wonders never cease, and it has been amazing to see the fruit that He has brought from every occasion.

  • September Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 9

    September Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 9

    Church, I pray that you will join us in praying about how God wants to end this 2014 year for His glory in regards to Inspiration Ministries. This past month has been amazing and bittersweet. August 24th was spent celebrating during our 2nd Annual MusicFest with testimonies, great music, and fundraising for the ministry, just to be reminded days later that ministry, at least the kind that centers on ministering to the “least of these” is messy, complicated, and downright difficult.

  • August Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 8

    August Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 8

    Is it just me or has this summer gone by incredibly fast? I know for those of you on the other side of the wall, you don’t mind the days, weeks, and months flying by! Inspiration Ministries is ready to head into fall with some exciting plans and lots on the schedule and we hope that you will be in prayer with us so that through the busyness of it all, God is glorified and that it is Kingdom work that is on our minds. Coming up in just a few weeks here in Auburn we are celebrating

  • July Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 7

    July Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 7

    I have to admit, Brethren, I was a mess as I was looking at Kirsten, my beautiful bride to be, on the 21st of June. For 30 months I have seen the hand of God move upon my life and Inspiration Ministries to the praise of His glory. The Lord has started and accomplished things in and through me that I would have never thought possible except for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And on my wedding day I cried tears of joy with a great sense of humility, seeing the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • June Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 6

    June Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 6

    As God was constructing the vision for Inspiration Ministries, one of the key factors was that I was in prison when He starting building it. There was no, “When I get out, I am going to do this” attitude or a “wait until the world gets a load of me” mentality. It was very humbling to be chosen for service by God, and He forced me to look at the men around me in the dorms, classrooms, and rec yards to see my mission field. As weird as it might sound, I have always appreciated my five year bid because it gave me a chance to understand what ministry looks and feels like because behind those walls, as many of you know, it is a 24/7 gig.

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